Organic Lemongrass Tea
Organic Lemongrass Tea

Organic Lemongrass Tea

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Origin: India

Organic Lemongrass tea is a herbal tea that is derived from the same plant used to produce lemongrass oil. It has a delightful lemony scent, soothing and reviving effect. Lemongrass tea is healthy drink that has a unique lemon flavour, although it is milder and sweeter than normal lemons. Lemongrass tea has been carefully processed to keep all the benefits and aromas, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. This tea is famous as a blender, you can blend lemongrass with any of your existing teas. 


Makes 1 cup / 230 ml of tea

1. Bring fresh water to boil and let it cool down for a minute or so before adding to your cup or teapot
2. Add around 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of tea
3. Let it steep for around 7 to 10 minutes

It is recommended to use an infuser when steeping your tea

Ingredients: Pure Dried Organic Lemongrass Leaves.

Allergens Advice: No known allergens. Please contact us if you have any specific allergy concerns

Storage: Store airtight in cool, dark and dry conditions.