Organic Black Tea

A Touch of Class Set

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A Touch of Class

  • 20g Organic Darjeeling Tea
  • 20g Organic Whole Leaf Assam Tea
  • 20g Organic Genmaicha Tea
  • 20g Organic Hojicha Tea
  • 20g Organic Special Oolong Tea
  • 20g Organic White Tea
  • 20g Organic Lavender Tea
  • 20g Organic Rooibos Tea
  • Silicone Leaf Tea Infuser

If you are new to tea and still discovering which are the best teas for you, our Touch of Class starter pack has a selection of 20g samples of our most popular organic loose-leaf teas. This is a perfect gift for friends or family, or a nice treat for yourself. With an abundance of different flavour profiles found in each tea, we are sure that you will find a few that you will enjoy. Comes with a Silicone Leaf Tea Infuser for your convenience.