Organic Masala Chai

Chai Lover Set

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Chai Lover

  • 50g Organic Assam Masala Chai
  • 50g Organic Turmeric Chai
  • Silicone Leaf Tea Infuser

Chai tea’s are a sweet and spicy tea that is well known and loved due to its highly fragrant aroma. The Chai Lover set is made for lovers of Chai tea and includes 50g of our Organic Assam Masala Chai and 50g of our Organic Turmeric Chai. The turmeric chai consists of a highly desirable concoction of black tea and various other spices. The Chai Lover pack can be used to make your favourite chai lattes by adding steamed milk to the chai tea concentrate. 

A Silicone Leaf Tea Infuser is included in this pack for your convenience.