Daily Tea Breakfast
Daily Tea Breakfast

Daily Tea Breakfast

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Daily Tea Fix's very own blend of organic teas perfect for a breakfast and tea time. The harmonious flavour between Assam leaves and silver needle tea gives a mild malty flavour. This complements perfectly with the rosy vanilla flavour. 

Brewing instructions

1. Bring fresh water to boil and let it cool down for a minute or so (80-90 Celsius) before adding to your cup or teapot
2. As a general rule, add one teaspoon of tea for one cup of tea (the amount of tea will depend on how strong you like your tea)
3. Steep for 2 to 3 minutes
4. Honey or sugar can be added if desired, or it can be consumed as is

It is recommended to use an infuser when steeping your tea.

Ingredients: Organic assam tea leaves, organic silver needle tea leaves, organic crushed vanilla beans and organic rose petals.

Storage instructions: Store airtight in cool, dark and dry conditions.

Allergens: No known allergens. Please contact us if you have any specific allergy concerns.