Organic Oolong Tea (Wuyi)
Organic Oolong Tea (Wuyi)

Organic Oolong Tea (Wuyi)

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Origin: China

Organic Oolong Tea (Wuyi) is harvested from the Wuyi mountains and is particularly known to be an exceptionally high quality tea, largely due to the mineral content in the soil. Oolong Tea (Wuyi) leaves are partially fermented, which gives them their unique colour and aroma.

Makes 1 cup / 230 ml of tea

Ingredients: Organic Oolong Tea Leaves.

Allergens Advice: No known allergens however sesame and soy products are packaged in an opposite warehouse. Please contact us if you have any specific allergy concerns.

Storage: Store airtight in cool, dark and dry conditions.