Organic Premium Pu'er Tea
Organic Premium Pu'er Tea

Organic Premium Pu'er Tea

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Origin: China

Tree age: 60 years

Organic Pu'erh Tea is made from the leaves and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant. Pu'erh tea is post-fermented, meaning that processing includes both fermentation and then prolonged storage ("aging"), under high humidity. The fermentation process helps to shape the flavour of pu'erh tea.

Makes 1 cup / 230 ml of tea

Ingredients: Organic Aged Pu'er Tea Leaves.

Allergens Advice: No known allergens however sesame and soy products are packaged in an opposite warehouse. Please contact us if you have any specific allergy concerns.

Storage: Store airtight in cool, dark and dry conditions.